Exeter mince meat up sat 2nd December


Fellas, always good to see ya , also really nice to meet nick (husky981)

I’m still stuffed but in an hour I’m going back in.

The Decca is now sounding really how I thought it should, not a huge amount of dicking about and no cardy incidents, rake angle and a little messing with phono stage settings. Surprising smooth for a Decca seems to be the general consensus…it’s still a Decca don’t get the wrong idea

The heco Einklang sounded really sweet in my system, I would be so tempted, really easy to listen to and anyone constricted by space should really give them a listen and they look ace.

All in all, a good day , time for strictly


Thanks John for a really good day; great scoff for lunch, fantastic mince pies, super tunes and even some cartridge loading and setup geekery as well - top banana!!

It was great to meet Guy, Stu and Matt too - hope to see all again next chance we get!



Excellent day,great to catch up with everyone. Lovely food and sounds




Looks like a good time was had by all.
I was in Exeter last week :persevere:


A very chilled and enjoyable afternoon. The Decca was sounding a bit woolly to begin with but did seem to respond to a little tweakage. The system was eventually sounding very sweet with both the H6 and the Einklangs. Food was magnificent with evidence of some outstanding baking skills particularly the mince pies which set a very high bar so early in December. I was also plied with some very fine Trappist Belgian beer at 8.2% and some pretty mellow red. Some nice music too. What was the Floydy sounding LP we played?
Thanks for hosting John, a great effort. Nice to see everyone too.


I found that my Decca would sound fucking awful when stuff was wrong. Once it worked there wasn’t much that was better.


Darkside was the album guy…Nicolas Jaar and co


Just had a knock on the door answered in lounge wear not long up, lo and behold its Dick looking for a bakeoff!!



Next time!


You still out in Exmouth area?


Exeter about 500m from at David’s station.
I’ve been lame recently and didn’t realize everyone moved here haha


You found us because you searched Google for mince pie info didn’t you. :+1:




I saw John and Matt ilat the record fair a couple weeks back :slight_smile: