Exeter mince meat up sat 2nd December

Xus devon lot like to meat up, eat mince pies and listen to some tunes about this time of the year. I’ll have my Pimped H6 nicely warmed in by then. I’ll feed you lunch and you’re welcome to eat as many mince pies and other home made treats as you can gobble.
Time 10 till 6ish
My gaff isn’t very big so room for three more

Confirmed so far
Agrail ish
Crimson donkey


Yes please.

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I’ll make sure the vegetarian is catered for.

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Yes please - room for a newbie?

I’ve generally lurked around a bit, posted a little but haven’t been to a bake yet. Happy to bring smaller bits of kit if any wanted, music or mince pies (home-made of course :grinning: )

Would love to hear the H6s, might give me the kick up the arse that I need to build the crossovers and get my H2s up and running…

Of course, look forward to meating you

Anymore for anymore


What food should we bring?

A bib?

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Exactly, just bring your stomach empty I can’t promise Mr Ben’s, but I’ll try to reach usual lunch heights.

I have two spicy packs in reserve should you need

I’ll ping out address details tomorrow

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Do you have room for another veggie, John?

Yep of course . I’ll send over my details


Cheese and wine.
Who needs needs hifi!

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Possibly the best mince pies I’ve had

Thanks John for a great afternoon of music and superb feasting!! Those mince pies were the best I’ve ever had.