Exterior tap help

I have an old style tap outside my flat with a push fit for a hose. I managed to buy the right square key and it is working fine. My neighbour has a jetwash that connects to a proper screw on tap fitting.

Does anyone know where I could buy an adapter from push fit to screw on so he can use the existing fitting to jetwash the patio or do we need to get a plumber in to change the fitting? Thanks.

Just replace the fitting with a bib tap, sorted.

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That is a drain off fitting. Normally used for draining heating and water systems.

I have never in all my days ever seen one used for an outside tap.

Every day is a school day.


Thanks for that. Very helpful. It is located close to my boiler. Maybe it is for draining the heating system? I’m now thinking it might not be a good idea to hook up a jetwash to it. Really glad I posted here. Could have been a disaster.


Check the pressure gauge in your boiler if you have let water out of the system testing the tap, you might need to pressurize again.


if you need a hose tap and can’t wait the usual 2 months for a plumber then screw fix and others do a kit that is easy to fit - it just “taps” into a pipe

need a pipe near an outside wall and a big drill and bob’s your uncle - worked well for me


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Any fucker that is happy sticking a hosepipe through their wall attached to a jubilee clip, deserves the resulting fallout.

If you can manage to drill hole in the correct place, surely to fuck you can connect a couple of fittings to a bit of copper tube?

Not recommended.




seems not everyone is so keen :grinning:

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He’s right tho’ - much though it pains me to admit it.

In my green years of youthful folly I fitted (in the seizure sense) a washing machine using a couple of punch-thru taps onto pre-existing copper pipes.

Blah-blah … leaked everywhere all the time … blah-blah … sold the house rather than have to face the lethal sarcasm rays of a plumber … blah-blah … moved to another town … blah-blah … changed my name* … blah-blah, &c, &c.



*In hindsight that was a good move - I never liked ‘Myrahindley Hitler’ in the first place - dunno what my parents were thinking TBH…