Extracting audio from HDMI?

I’ve finally (just about) got enough Broadband to get Amazon video…
However, my TV is actually a projector, with separate Humax Freeview+ box and DVD, which are connected to separate inputs on my pre-amp.
However, if I buy the Amazon Fire TV box (not stick, as that’s USB only), it’s got HDMI or USB outputs, but no analogue audio
So what I’m wondering is, how to connect the audio?
Do I use one of those HDMI audio extractor boxes I’ve seen for £20ish? Are they crap?
Or would I be better taking the USB out and putting it into something like a Focusrite for quality DAC-ing? In which case, anyone know if the Fire box USB will power a device?
Or is there an altogether simpler way of doing it?

I’ve got one of those hdmi splitters and use it to get audio out of an Oppo to my DAC. Seems to work very well as far as I can tell.

Is that digital audio it’s extracting?
I have got a DAC on my cdp, but that needs to be AES/EBU, but that would save an input on the pre, so long as there isn’t any delay…

Hi Leonard,

The Fire stick is actually HDMI t’ USB is for hookup to a USB plug top PSU.

Prior to a V recent AV processor upgrade I wuz using mine jacked into one of the TVs HDMI ports. Not sure the full size fire box actually allows audio output via USB either, the stick deffo doesn’t.

If you don’t have 4K ultra HD compatibility & can make the audio work for you somehow the Fire Stick would be a better buy & use with a splitter/extractor, as suggested by Wayne.

The only other option would be a BD/media player such as an Oppo or S/hand Cambridge jobbie that has an HDMI input, as these will extract the audio & output digitally or in analogue 2ch with both flavours of SPdif & stereo RCAs.

Yep digital to spdif so won’t suit your current configuration by the looks of it.

There is a reasonable chance that spdif into an aesebu socket will simply work digitally as long as you have a suitable adapter