Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


Post your latest Foo discoveries for Bob’s sake.

Just found these on the Book of Faeces…

Furutech told us: “Not only does it lift audio cables off the floor and enable optimum alignment between connectors and sockets, it also provides additional damping support for both cables and connectors – boosting their performance by allowing a more pure and clear signal”.
As its name suggests, a key ingredient in the NCF Booster is Furutech’s Nano² Crystal Formula (NCF), an ‘active’ anti-resonance damping material.

The Furutech NCF Booster is available now priced at £320 (including VAT).


Bargain !


Is that the price for each one?
I need 14,as the ones i have are worn out.


It also generates negative irons and makes infrared out of vibrations, it’s a bloody miracle device and would be a bargain at twice the price.


It’s made from resin with ceramic and carbon black powders as the aggregate in the composite. What a load of arse!


Isn’t there someone out there selling a box which can revive them ? They’re not really worn out after all, they’ve just spent too long sitting in one orientation in the earth’s magnetic field and that’s polarised them. The problem is that you didn’t rotate them every week. TBH you’ve only got yourself to blame …



Come on, shouldn’t there be some gold fittings and marble inserts?


Sadly mine don’t have a clamp to hold the cable down.
Anything to bassy makes the cable jump hence the wearing the lifters out.


They should have made it from Copper nanotubes.


4 quid on ebay…



Get these right or you may as well listen to Bose…




Oi mister, your scalextric is fucking shit.


They are much, much better if fully cryo treated and given an extensive burn-in too - you wouldn’t believe the difference


Do you think it would be possible to DIY these? Where could I source the specialist materials required? :thinking:


These are all you need.

As demonstrated at Scalford a few years ago.


Ferrous issues, needs mu metal casing and silk sleeve


No. The mark of a real expert is her ability to make something which is actually breathtakingly difficult look easy. The seemingly casual choice of lifter lengths and positions has only been made after a lifetime of asceticism, contemplation and study. It has also required the attainment of a mental state so rarefied that even the music of rmsshipbroker can be borne with equanimity.

You might imagine that the materials would be available on any suburban street. Surely the artisan only has to wake early enough to beat the recycling bin truck ? But this is a delusion. It’s a little known fact that their past lives leave an indelible imprint on the raw cardboard tubes. For the full effect to be delivered only those handed over the counter in Athena shops will do (passage through Royal Mail’s hands corrupts them irretrievably) and with the closure of the last of these in 2014 the supply is now dwindling fast. This applies in particular to the ultimate high end ones i.e. those which contained the poster of the tennis girl scratching her ultimate high end.

The system in the picture is a joy to behold. But clearly it shows ‘work in progress’. The empty space in the centre has obviously been prepared for the final element, without which audio nirvana will remain beyond reach. I speak, of course, of the Entreq grounding box.

Eh ma ho !




Spatial Control Quartet: This room acoustic treatment system consist of 32 Mpingo discs arranged on four maple wood stands. By placing the four stand in the listening room one can control the sound staging and tonal balance of the sound system, the size and depth could be adjusted with ease, any deficiencies in the physical condition of the listening room could be corrected with afew adjustments to the stands and yet nothing is lost in the process



I like these.

Speakers need horns.