Face book account fucked

Hi all,

Friend requests from me on Facebook are genuine. My old account was comprehensively hacked and seems to have been deleted. So I have a new account.

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you have friends?

You have Facebook?

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You have anything worth hacking?

Haveing a Facebook account fucked is a blessing in disguise,
Get out while the going is good, wtf are you doing opening another one?

Worst platform on the interwebs populated by spammers and OAPs

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I met an 82 year old friend of my mum’s today. She wanted to speak to me about “an IT issue”.

Turns out that she had received messages from friends on Facebook about being given £150k from Mark Z, you just needed to fill in a form. I let her down gently.

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Mad Jeannette, dead fox but

PS Guy can I ask you something about IT please?