Facial recognition tech. Comply or else

This is troubling although perhaps not that surprising with Theresa May at the controls.

I don’t recall ever being consulted on ANPRS. This is just the next stage.

You have nothing to fear if you comply with the law

Maybe we should move directly to having cameras in each of our homes. Much crime is domestic but we’ll have nothing to fear if we comply with the law.

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The big issue is who is on the police database. You don’t have to be charged or convicted to be on it. You can ask to be removed but you may well not know you were on it in the first place

1984 is now

Something like 6 million surveillance cameras already in the UK.

I will form my own religion which requires some form of head covering. That’ll teach 'em.

My plan is to let the system learn what I look like and then pop one of these in whenever I go out on a crime spree

Hoist by their own petard !




Combined with this for £3.99, a cape, some of Ziggy Marley’s shoes and a Boamigo watch & they’d have no chance.


China is massively into this tech too. They use it to shame people over minor crimes by showing live video and their ‘crime’ on giant TV screens.

Black Mirror is looking more like Tomorrow’s World every day…

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Fashionista disguise unfortunately no longer suffices.

Forensic gait recognition software is now pretty good at spotting individual walking patterns in a crowd. Time to start rehearsing the funny walks.

Balaclava moonwalk required.


San Francisco bans FR technology

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It’ll all be fine here…