Fake MOT reminder emails

Had a new one in my inbox today from “https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk” - the format of the email was a perfect replica of the real one from “https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-status”, and the various weblinks plausible-looking. The car mentioned is not one I have ever owned, but was near enough to nearly have me following a link to point-out the apparent errors.

I don’t know if this a scam to charge an unnecessary middleman-fee, an attempt to infest your computer with trojan software, a phishing attempt - or of course, all 3. Either way be wary - this lot have, for once, taken some trouble over their scam.


I had a weird call last week within hours after the mot asking if everyone was ok in the crash. No idea what that was about

Another strange one was after I scrapped a car I had a phone call from a no win no claimCompany but the area code was ours. How the hell they got The information to do that

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I think they just ring every number they can get hold of, in the likelihood of eventually hooking up with someone who actually has been in an accident.

Last one who phoned me and asked if everyone was ok was slightly confused when I told them that I hadn’t in fact made it through the accident and was now dead. That gets rid of them.


Love it :rofl:

“Which accident? The one where that smiling old man went flying over my bonnet? Or the one with the school kids at the bus stop? I was found not guilty you know” etc. etc.


The same response Mrs.S gave, cited three accidents, thanked them for their call and how relieved she was that someone cared. They hung up.

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I kept someone on for 10 minutes, answered all the questions , then I said “ well it was 1986 on the way home from the Charity Shield match “ , she got a right nark on , “thanks for wasting my time” .