Fantasy Premier League (with the wam)

Aguero could be on his final warning today. 2 points from his last three games (tot, EVE, SOU) isn’t good enough for £13.0. City’s fixtures for November are good so surely Kun will drop a points bomb soon?

Been waiting for Iheanacho to step up and fill the goal gap, but that ain’t happening either.

Edit - and dropped Walcott on advice from FPL, only to find him playing. :scream_cat:
Is it worth double-checking all their medical flags?

New year and it’s beginning to look like a three horse race between me, Craig and Tim. Double gameweeks can deliver big points hauls so there’s still the possibility of coming back from a long way behind. The Costa situation could be about to throw a spanner into a lot of teams too. We shall see.

Gray to score two against Saints today :pray:

Sometimes you need to read between the lines with ‘injuries’.

I was doing reasonably well then missed a couple of weeks transfers. All over for my team.

Wasn’t the weekend to leave Llorente on the bench. :rolling_eyes:

On the off chance he’s reading this…

Congratulations Tim on another fine Wigwam/AA FPL league win. :clap:

I dared to think I might win it this year but I’ll settle for runner-up given it was my best finish to date.

I rallied the last week to come 6 but never in danger of anything else.
Congrats for finishing runner up. :grimacing:

I felt i ought to bump this, as there are perhaps AA’ers who play FPL but aren’t yet in the Wigwam / AA league.

League code is: 1394556-428298