Farmers corner

A place to discuss farmers in a non judgemental atmosphere,please no pics

is this for us who like hoeing and sowing?

After the bloodletting on Friday night, mine are much better now :+1:

Thank fuck for…

I blame the cunts for Brexit. I hope they all get piles.

Some farming pRon.

& farming implement

Foo version

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He’ll be needing looser shorts for the coming bake-off season.

My medication of choice…

I have used this as sunblock before when I didn’t have any.

Takes years off you. :slight_smile:

spaghetti harvest

In Funzie

It’s OK, its a picture of pickled beetroot…:innocent:


Not quite sure how the carrots fit in :anguished:

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If he can get his bottom to drink a half pint of milk from that glass,he should think of going on Britains got talent.


…not sure that touching your bum with driving gloves still on is a sensible idea either

Are the pillow and glove 2 of the five?