Favourite Speaker From A Particular Manufacturer

For Celestion my favourate speaker from them is the A3, much under rated in my view.

Surely summat by Steepletone.

Steepletone SFB24002 Floor Box 3 Speaker Sound System with LED Laser Lights


Says ‘Hi-Fi’ on it three times so it must be good.

Holy shit.

Nothing says Hi-Fi like a Steepletone :notes:

It’s a tough call between these two speakers made in India


I think they’re just labelling the bits which are Hi-Fi aren’t they ? In this case that seems to be only the larger drivers. Or maybe only the braces across the fronts of them.


Not bad… But compared to the Ditton 66 it’s a baby!

From me favs are
Bowers and Wilkins - P2H
Quad - ELS57
SDF Acoustics - SD1
Focal - N/A

Never liked the 66, too flabby and coloured.


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It must be nice being an Aussie b’stard.

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S’awrite :smirk:

Gentlemen, stand aside with your wife approved domestic apparatus.


The top one gives more clarity :+1:

Celestion G12M ‘greenback’ which first appeared in the sixties and is still being made by Celestion today. The all-important design formula for the cone was lost in 1973 when the factory making the cones burnt down (doh!) hence pre 1973 models are the most desirable.

One day I’ll find an old greenback in Oxfam labelled ‘Loudspeaker from 70s Radio £4.50’. Please.

I once found one of these in a home-made chipboard cabinet that I picked up for a tenner (the price included another non-matching cabinet with a nearly worthless driver in it).


Goodmans Axiom 80. Haha. Hahahahahahaha …


I’m not up to speed on vintage hi-fi ‘speakers but it looks like a good score… :thumbsup:

It’s a very strange thing. The edge of the cone is free and suspended from the three red-brown cantilevers. In the one I found they had all come unglued from the cone edge. I sold it to a chap who had another one and was looking to make a stereo pair (he also had a pot of glue and very steady hands). People who love them love them a lot, it seems