Feckin broadband


Fair enough, bit I’ve just done a bit more googling, and it would appear that the HH5 doesn’t have a modem only mode - there is a workaround, but it looks complicated.

Maybe a modem router is needed after all.


No need, just disable wifi on the HH and plug the N66U (switched to AP mode) into one of the HH lan ports.


i’d keep the modem and router separate just to keep the load of modem duties off of the switching duties of the router. Dell are fine. Don’t dismiss Netgear, though. I have been using Netgear routers, switches and access points for years. Currently have some 30 odd wired devices and about 8 WiFi devices supported by my old (3 years) router… it has been astonishingly reliable (I cannot actually remember when I last needed to reboot it… perhaps no more than once or twice in three years), and the only network faults I have experienced have been down to VM.


So the recent IoT-based DDOS attacks have been launched solely from your house? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


no open ports here! traffic is regularly checked using wire shark. I did an experiment with a undefended machine in our Cyber Security Centre at work, and from it going live it took 9 minutes for it to be port scanned by bots…


You could in any case consider to name the 2.4 and 5 MHz bands differently.
So you have 2 wifi networks, one of which you can dedicate to the heavy traffic application.
If you add a hub or router additionally, you have 4 wifi networks.
Each will handle up to 4 devices, I guess that would be OK.


I was running an ASA5506 on the edge but have now switched to a Sophos UTM and it’s doing a good job, currently running a vmware lab with 7x hosts and around 200x VM’s at home so the network is constantly under attack, the sneaky bastards are trying more extensive portscans to find a hole rather than the general nmap ones.

This is a report from the last 60 minutes.


Just for info, I ended up with an Asus RT-AC68U and BT Openreach modem. Both came from ebay.

I plugged the modem into the wall, waited for the green lights, then connected the Asus.

About two minutes of very simple setup work later, I was up and running.

No dropouts, no issues - just rock solid broadband for the last couple of weeks.

The Asus has a load of tricks up its sleeve. One day I’ll investigate some of those, but in the meantime I’m just enjoying having reliable web access.

Best £100 I’ve spent in quite a while.

Thanks for the advice.


is that tone freebie Sophos UTM light? what you running it on?


Yep, it’s not a light version though it has the full blown licence as I’m also using it to manage my WiFi AP.

Did have the old Astaro SG120 but am now using a HP Microserver with a PCI dual NIC as it has a much higher throughput with IPS enabled (200+ Mbps)

The HP Microserver is an old N36L with 8GB RAM and a dual core Athlon CPU.


And you lot have the sheer audacity to call golf boring. Sheesh! :slight_smile:


Two rongs don’t make a right.


thanks - just need to find a nice cheap HP Microserver with two NICs. and a WiFi AP…