Feckin broadband


The wiring would have to be in silver of course.


All corners are small.


Except the dark corners of your mind.




OK then, the Home Hub 5 has been up and running for a few days now and things have improved considerably - but we are still experiencing some random disconnections from the router.

BT support have confirmed my suspicion that this isn’t a broadband problem. The connection to the property seems very stable. The suggestion is that the router is struggling to cope with the number of devices we have connected to it (if we include wired and wireless devices, there are about 15 in total).

I am ready to try a third party router. I fancy going for one with a built in modem (we connect to the phone line). I’ve read some reviews, but am not sure which way to go. How much do I need to spend here?

Our broadband speed maxes out at about 35 meg (and isn’t likely to increase in the foreseeable future).

The priority is stability, and a router that will handle and manage at least 15 connected devices. At any given time, only a few of those will be drawing any significant bandwidth, but I’ve given up reminding the kids to switch off their wifi when they aren’t using tablets, phones etc.

Any advice?



Maybe something here.


Of those 15x devices how many are wifi?


About 12 - it varies, but usually around that number.




Asus N66U

Mines around 3 years old. Copes well with multiple devices.
Built in ftp and nas. Dmz and guest network.


Was going to suggest an Asus as well, never been impressed with netgear. I’m also using an N66U but only as an access point (AP)

If the modem in the BT homehub is stable I’d disable the wifi and connect an Asus AP to it to take the switching load off it.


Here are some of the ones I dug up, that supposedly cope well, with multiple devices.
The cheapest on the list is the Asus RT-N66U £80
Other highly rated ones are
Linkys AC3200 £190
Netgear Nighthawk X4S £158
DLink AC3200 £200
TP-Link AC3150 £170


Can’t grumble about the Asus.
I leave a 8gig flash drive attached and use it as a personal cloud for when I’m away from home.
Port forwarding is easy too, I can access my home server from anywhere that the phone has a signal.



If I were to go for the Asus, I’d need to use the modem in the Home Hub 5. Is there any advantage in that over buying a new router with the modem built in?


Not really. But at least the modem is already set up and working.


Asus make the DSL-AC68U, which seems similar to the one suggested here, but with a built in modem.

What do you think?


No idea I’m afraid.
I’ve stayed away from DSL.

If it has the same features I’d say it’ll do what you want.


It’s basically the same thing with an ADSL modem included. Should be fine. I use the router-only N66U as well


As you already have a working modem, and your problem is with the number of wifi devices, I would get the N66U, as it is well rated for the problem; the one with the modem included, is not.