Feckin' Weather

Snow, snow and more snow it would appear according to this well respected purveyor of the truth…:rolling_eyes:

Fookin 'ell, I pressed the link and it took me to something called The Daily Express which then went on about death, doom and destruction for the whole nation including all the people who voted to remain. Thanks to this informative guide I am now putting down a deposit on a new snowmobile and will be buying an extra pair of socks just in case it gets really cold.
Thank you htm for being kind enough to post this link. Without you I don’t know how I’d have got through the whole nasty snow business.

It’ll all be Mr Corbyn’s fault anyway…

It were a bit brass monkeys last night.

'Tis the first week of November. All the frightening winter weather predictions come out about now. EVERY FUCKING YEAR !!

Too much panic and bullshit to swallow :unamused:

Are you saying that the Dairy Express is not a reliable source of meteorological data :smirk:

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I just went for a walk in shorts and a t-shirt, don’t know what the fuss is about.

You could get a job as a postman. They all do that round our way. Apparently they have have a bet as to who can stay in shorts the longest over winter.

Shock horror. It gets cold in winter. Daily Mail readers check house prices and Mirror readers hail this as proof Di was murdered by the royal family. In the meantime, the rest of us put on another jumper and get on with clearing up the bloody leaves.


No wind, snow or rain, goes the rest of you getting on.

Danger of giant red triangles all along east coast.

Mrs Adpully and myself are very pleased that we choose Falmouth Cornwall for our winter hols that we are travelling to today.


My 75-year old aunt lives by the Sluice Bridge in Boston. She was flooded in 2013. It got close last night but the story is that the peak of the weather-driven surge was offset in time from high water. Had they come together it could have been very unpleasant.


It’s 20 degrees here in Gran Canaria. Sitting by the pool sipping Shirley Temples and reading the Daily Mirror. Great Hotel. Life is good. (apart from Costa leaving)


Nope, I think you missed a bit, I still have a bit of salt free skin.


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Getting blown by Doris tomorrow, which will be nice.

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'tis a tad breezy at the moment. Trains, flights and ports closed locally and a few roads too due to debris. Must be the wrong type of wind, probably the excess from Trump rolling across the Atlantic.

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Wind speed peaking at fifty five in barrow. No sign of the eighty predicted. It’s officially a stiff breeze, for you southern folk that will be a storm force fuck!

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