Feckin' Weather


Consider it a gift from Scotchland for the many excellent new phrases I have learned from my fellow Southern meatment :+1:


Not so iirc, I posted a pick of a guy in a kilt flipping the bird and wrote underneath ‘smell ya ma!’ Stu then corrected me with ‘Yer Maw’. Since then it seems to have become part of the meatman’s vernacular.

I used to work with a Weegie, who used it all the time, sometimes upgrading it to ‘smell yer crazy maw’ for added effect. :+1:

I have an excellent book of Scottish slang somewhere, ‘The Patter’, do you know that Allan?


Taken on March 4th in Caerleon. Top work there.


Fair do’s Ritchie - I missed your original post :+1:

My favourite variation of it tho’ is - shaved yir maws back :joy:

The Patter is funny Ritchie - did you know there was an additional one ?


Weegie - is what our lovely Edinburgh neighbours call us when they want to insult us - we just call them cunts of course. :grin:


Nice bit of Chewin the Fat on topic


That reminds me Paul I really will need to watch Still Game from the start again - could do with a good laugh.


Still Game is pretty much guaranteed to cheer you up :+1:


One of the all-time greats


I didn’t know there was another volume, I shall have a look for that. :+1:
Chewin’ The Fat was great, I also liked Only An Excuse, especially the Frank Macavennie bits. :joy:


It has feckin’ snowed here this morning. Not proper snow, just a deep layer of semi-melted slush that is making a hideous mess. There have been a couple of shunts at the lights up the road, and a shouting match between the rear-ender and rear-endee across the road from me.



Salted snow or unsalted ?



Why is it when there’s snow people start driving like idiots ? I live in a narrow one way lane, when it snows idiots start driving the wrong way up the lane.


Dunno. it is fairly dirty and grey now. Thankfully, for all parties concerned, there appears to be an absence of yellow snow.


This is nice.


To be fair that one way system in Moulton is a pain - I have twice gone the wrong way home after visiting you and ended up in the town centre.:disappointed_relieved:


They’ve also installed it the wrong way round. It’s supposed to stop you arriving, not leaving, FFS.


Snowed in again today…

Good thing we bought 5 loaves of bread and a cart full of milk yesterday :+1:


Is that Comrade Putin’s nasty Siberian white powder again? FFS!


May needs to stand up to the dangerous bastard and make him stop depositing this stuff here. After all, he has all of Siberia to put it !!!


Stop feckin’ whinging. This will be the evidence that nice, but rather confused, Mr Corbyn asked for.