Feet for speaker stands on vinyl floor

We’ve just put vinyl flooring down so I need some non spiked feet to go under my speaker stands . Any suggestions or recommendations ? Cheaper the better .

B&q do some stick on felt feet or rubber type ones

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I just removed the spikes and let the base of the stand sit on our vinyl floor. Couldn’t be arsed with anything else.

Just get some spike cups?


It’s sitting just on the stands at the moment but seems a bit wobbly .

Atacama used to do spike shoes, little felt backed discs that are drilled to take the spike. I used then with my old speakers to protect some polished floors. Something like this might be good:

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Atacama used to do these, which I have used

now it seems to do these:

we got some 2 pence pieces, stuck some rubber tap washers on one side, and centre punched a little dint in the other side for the spike to sit in.


Should flog them to audiophools for £45 a set.


These I found very effective.


Using coins as spike cups is the cheapest solution. Those Soundcare Superspikes work well if you want something more spendy.

Soundcare Superspikes, not expensive and you can screw them straight into M6 or M8 inserts. They are a spike contained within a flat bottomed retained puck. Adjustable and work. They do an even cheaper set that are self adhesive, not adjustable.

I should add, that elsewhere on a vinyl floor we have spike shoes, and whilst they prevent holes from the spikes, the weight of the speakers still results in 4 spike shoe sized dents in the vinyl…

A wood chopping block beneath each speaker to take the spikes?


Better than Sorbothane



5p pieces.

my 2p’s cost less http://www.audioabattoir.com/t/feet-for-speaker-stands-on-vinyl-floor/3354/8?u=ziggymarley

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I used a couple of granite chopping boards under my speakers in the past.

And get a rug,

My 1p’s beat that