Festival flags

Guys I need some help ! Does anyone have any experience in festival flags .
I’m trying to get one for my Grandsons running club …A local printer can supply a sail flag that is 2.6mtr with a water filled weight base that gives it an extra metre but I have a feeling that this is the stand outside Garages advertising ones. I’m after the telescopic pole type so it would be visible as a marker like they do at music festivals.
My questions are

Do you buy the pole separately ?
If so and I purchase the flag locally how does the sail type flag fix onto the pole without fear of losing it ?
I think around 4 /6 metres overall would apt…
Where would I get it from ?
Any help will be appreciated!
I need it to be used for a School County Athletics event in Kent early March .

Scaff pole ? Use of one is shown about two thirds of the way down this page, which also shows lots of other ways of putting flags up

Telescopic poles will be inherently a bit weak - it can be windy in early March (“in like a lion, out like a lamb” and all that …).

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Thanks for this ! I’ll investigate