Few Records for Sale

I’ve decided to get off the Record Collecting wagon and only buy / keep stuff that I play.

So, over a few posts I will put up some of my duplicates / extras, stuff I haven’t / don’t play.

First up -

Hills - Frid

Black vinyl (LAUNCH079) first release. Might have been played; I honestly can’t remember but

at least NM / NM

Cheapest I can find it for is £50 + p&p, so, £ 35 delivered ? - now £30

Next -

Hills - Hills

2 x LP of the Hills Selft Titled Album and the rather good Uncollected Sounds LP

Very limited. In fact the catalogue number I can find for this is SLR202, CF040, whereas mine is SLR202, CF048 ??

At least NM / NM

Cheapest of the CF040 I can find is £40 + p&p, so, £ 35 delivered ? - now £30

and the last is specially for @Jim -

Goat - Fuzzed in Europe

Again, this the ultra-rare Red and Yellow, Black splobbed vinyl version

Brilliant Album.

Still sealed, so at least NM / NM

Cheapest I can find on Discogs is £57 + p&p, so £40 delivered ? now £35

More to follow


Now knocked a fiver off the price of each.

Unfortunately, they don’t float my goat…:confused:


I guess I have been bleating on about them a bit :confused:

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Fuzzed in Europe sold (on Discogs)

I know this post is a couple of years old, but are either of the Hills records still for sale, by any chance?

Welcome to AA Scott.

Sorry mate, both sold a long while ago.

Kick around though, it’s a great place to make friends, chat about shit and laugh at the deluded faffery that goes on.

Music is cool, hi-fi most certainly isn’t.

You’ll see.

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Those Boamigo turntables are pretty cool!

Still not quite up there with Steepletone, but we’re working on it.

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Haha, I thought as much! I thought it was worth an ask. I found the forum on my quest for a copy of Frid. But yes, I think I will stick around. Cheers!

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