Field Coil cartridges

Yes I agree, this is the reason I no longer have an Io Ltd. When it was on song it was amazing but there were just too many boxes and wires and as a result too many things to go wrong.

Looks great, thanks for the pictures.

I only recently came across the posting of the sale for this setup, as I was starting to look for an alternative arm, but I was way too late, you picked up some great stuff there.

I’m still doubtful that this arm will go on a Voyd Ref. though? I need to do some more investigation. I currently know of two for sale and reasonable prices.

I know someone else with the same arm and they say its stunning.



Dave was a good friend, I also have some of his records, there is a certain added resonance when I play some of them on what was his TT,


Hi Kevin,

If I drop you a message with some dimensions I need ref the arm, do you think you’d be able to help me so I can assess if I’d ever get this to work on a VOYD?



Of course
Micrometer at the ready!

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I would be a little concerned about dressing the arm cable coming out of the rear of the armbase and its interaction with the bouncy Voyd subchassis, it is the feature of Kuzma 4Point9 which has always put me off

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Hi Simon,

Yes a good point, although with the Aquilar arm, there is also a version with a ‘one-length’ cable from the arm straight through to the SUT / Phono.

So with the need of having (well wanting) the FC power wires within the arm tube then this would work well and negate the issue you mention.

My bigger issue / concern is more of the areas the arm that ‘extend’ further out that the armboard and how close they are to the plinth and contact occurring with arm bounce!



Yes 10" may make a difference here - they are also fairly weighty

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I’m told, circa 420g + Cartridge…

That’s lighter than I thought. I’ve held the 12" I wouldn’t have through the 10 would be much lighter ?

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I have been through the owner’s manual and can’t find a weight quoted

I have a Triplanar on a Ref 0.5 (Simons old one), and that is no issue at all. I would have thought that, in normal operation, the suspension shouldn’t be moving that much to make it a concern?

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Hi, any chance of some pictures so I can see how it sits on the deck?



I’ll need to verify…

Pics as requested. Never had a problem with the bearing housing overhanging the top plate.


That’s great thanks. Really encouraging for the Aquilar.

V2.0 of the Battery PSU in an attempt to make use as simple as possible.


Posh :grinning:

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well as its my ‘daily driver’ thought I’d make the most of it… a couple of more iterations to come…

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Impact of Voltage Drop across the Cartridge FC?

So, as I’m pretty new to the Io Ltd cartridge - a quick question / experience lesson, what is the 'Impact of the the voltage drop across the Cartrdige FC?

i.e. how does it change the sound? I assume more sluggish, less defined???

Anything else?