Find or suggest a car for me

The stolen kuga has gone never to seen again.
Insurance has paid out but I have no appetite to spend a lot on a car again. So here’s the thing I need to find something that can tow 1600kg caravan and is a good fit for a tall driver. I’d rather keep it under £7k but much cheaper is even better.
Looking forward to your suggestions, find me a motor.

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I used to have one and loved it, apparently very good tower but i only ever used it with garden rubbish trailer. My engine went right enough but that was at 80k. If its made it to 132k it should be good for another 50k.

2012 Grey Mazda CX-5 2.2 SKYACTIV-D Sport 4WD 5dr for sale for £5,000 in BRADFORD, WEST YORKSHIRE (

Ford SMax 2.0l TDCI Titanium.

Burn the caravan, spend the insurance money on hotels and buy a proper car. :+1:


60000k in a 14 year old diesel… At just over 4k a year I’m surprised the entire car isn’t encrusted in carbon never mind the dpf.

Good run down the motorway for an hour and it’ll be fine, honest.

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Land Cruiser :muscle:

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Rob may be able to offer tips?


hardly within budget

Rob generally needs to put the car(t) before the horse.



Looks like a lot of car, for the money.

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Was also going to suggest the RX400h. Massive vfm. Faster than you expect and reliable as hell. I had one for a few years and only got rid because I had a hot flush and bought a convertible.
I’d have another in a heartbeat if the wife wasn’t on one for big suvs at the moment so maybe I can go full medallion man with some sort of pork in a few years.

Something like:



Honda CRV, will do what you need.

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We’ll keep on looking guys. Finding a car is proving to be difficult. They are very expensive at the moment. Lots have intergalactic mileage to boot.

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