First car choices - ideas?


I get that. We’re going to be in the same dilemma in 18m or so with Ellie, and she’s already asking for a Mini or a Fiat 500 :roll_eyes:


More choice with Minis, tho’ I think they all had 1.6 engines until the R56 in 2006, when the One may have had a 1.4. My son drives an early 1.6 One, and he’s had to do quite a lot to it over the time he’s had it, so a second gen One might be a better choice. Kate is ok with the space in it and practised in her brother’s car quite a bit, so we may try to find a good cheap R56…


mini is nice and more leg room than you would think for a relatively small car - my recommendation would be a Toyot Yaris Colour collection from 2005 (last ones they did) with low miles (lots of granny drivers out there)

solid as a rock reliability wise my wife and daughter are 6" 2" and both have ample headroom where they dont in a lot of other cars

the 1 litre is a bit underpowered so the 1.4 is the beter choice if you can afford the insurance hike

buy around £1500 and you will lose nothing, parts are pence and its cheap to work on

we have had 3 in a row now for wife and daughters - they had a C1 for a while (shit tin box) and a golf (restricted vision due to height)



Don’t get a mini, they cost a fortune to run and the older ones have lotsof issues with suspension, steering racks etc… The tyres are run-flats that cost a fortune. My second daughter had one (3 years old when she got it) and ran it for 3 years, the Fiat 500 that followed it was miles better car and much more reliable and cost a lot, lot less to run. She only sold the Fiat 500 to get a 4X4 for her horse to tow a trailer.


Her horse drives a 4x4?


When i drove a fiat 500 I was surprised by how far the seat went back, there was alot of leg room (i am 6’5). The issue i had was the omission of reach adjustment on the steering wheel, meaning my arms were close to being locked straight = crap.
It was a low spec car so maybe higher ones have this luxury item included.


It’s a fucking clever one.


Thanks - really useful, we’ll try one and see if she likes it too :grinning:


This (from ex Mini chassis engineer responsible for a portion of that :man_facepalming:).


Cheap to ensure, cheap to run, no premium badge elevating price and servicing costs? Ford Fiesta. If the newer ones are in budget then they are da bomb.

Keep some of your budget back for full strength foo unleaded fuel :+1:


Thanks Wayne, I’ll see how modern we can afford. The first couple she sat in were a little too small, so that she’s have had one knee each side of the steering wheel (slight exaggeration for effect but you know what I mean…)

We’ll keep looking :slightly_smiling_face:


My sons 2 fiestas have all done him well he is 5’ 11" - They are cheap and reliable and perhaps the best option for a first car do try a refit - flat shoes are best for driving in.


Honest John recommends foo petrol which is good enough for me.


In terms of reliability don’t go near a Fiat 500. Fix it again tomorrow.


My wife has a Fiat 500. Great little car.

£30 road tax, 50+ MPG, comfortable and fun to drive, even for me at 6 ft 3.


I disagree. Had no trouble with ours and it does a fair few miles.


Should have fitted a full Nordost loom and some hi-fi fuses.


Surely you might upgrade horns and valves for the full foo effect…


Fucking crazy thread this. Absolute fucking batshit.
Who the fuck buys a bloody great big Saab for a first car for their daughter?


Oh and forget Minis and Corsas too, unreliable as fuck.