First car choices - ideas?


We did see a smart looking 9-3 convertible for £1500 and looked at insurance for a laugh - it was about twice the cost of the car, and she’s 23!!


Honda Jazz is a great smallish car.


If you’re fucking 90 years old :joy:


If you are 82


Too slow :laughing:


Potential Jazz owner :laughing:


Should give it a low insurance category.


Everyone under 40 would rather walk than drive a Jazz


Under fucking 70 more like.


The Fiat Panda is a much better car than the 500 and a lot less money


My first car in 2006 was a 2000 1.8 Ford Focus. I actually took my test in it and I often wonder, had I not been bitten by the bug of snobbery and felt the need to upgrade to a BMW (big mistake) if we’d still have it.

Was a good drive, quick enough not to be dangerous on busy junctions and it was practical as any other hatchback, too.

Insurance was a bit high, but I got my one for £1200 with around 100k miles on it, so 1500 for the first year didn’t feel “too” bad. Road tax was a bit more reasonable back then, though. Might make a difference to her, I guess.

I’d recommend a focus over a Fiesta any day simply because the boot is so much better, I’d wager that to drive, a current focus/current fiesta are very similar.


Test driving a Golf 1.4, Focus 1.4, Audi A2 and (if time allows) a Toyota Yaris 1.3 tomorrow morning.

Never mind Kate, I’m actually getting quite excited about this :crazy_face:


Jazz is dead roomy and drives better than you think. Engine is revvy though, which a lot of younger drivers can’t cope with after driving diesels. Goes well if you are prepared to rev the nuts off it, and a tidy handler. OAP image mostly due to it being reliable and long-lasting, but not really deserved.


To a young person the rest is irrelevant.

(I have driven several Jazzs they are good cars, honda have them as service loaners and my MIL has one. I don’t like the cvt)


The one litre turbo is better - quicker, smoother and more frugal. :+1:


Ive not looked, but i doubt very much they’re old enough to be in the under £2k price range.


For £2k most cars are going to be a bit shit. Find one that is cheap to insure and has been well looked after. And then cross your fingers.


Steer well clear of (petrol) Peugeot 207s, 308s and Minis (particularly post 2007).
They all share the same engine and it’s the most horrific piece of crap ever!


What’s the C1 like it your opinion as a run around, Donna’s eying them up, it’d be an older one.


My brother has one, about 5 years old. It has been very reliable, and OK to drive. Biggest drawback is the tiny boot.