First car choices - ideas?


I’m slightly jealous of your having the VTR version. Although I was surprised to read it has no more power than my relatively bog standard version.


:slight_smile: As far as I can tell from my huge amount of research on the subject (not), there appears to be next to no difference that matters to us.

It does have air con, luxury!

I did see one with white go faster stripes over the roof and bonnet, and I wanted us to have that one, but Donna said it was stupid and we would look stupid, looking back she was probably right :grin:.


Not a first car choice by any means but I was in a Jag XF yesterday and was very impressed by the cooled seats. On a hot day that was luxury!


My Mondeo’s got those. Nice.



so has my Macan


How long have you had the Porsche for?


That’s just the type of car you need for a nice trip to the Wye Valley.


I’ve always explained away my slightly soiled undies in the wash basket as being the result of bum-melt in a car.

I’d be fresh out of excuses if I had chilled seats


Who is that with Mark?


The provisional is with Sainsbury’s which gets cancelled off when she passes and a pro rata refund issued for the remaining months.

The main insurance is with More Than, on the black box service.

There are a couple of random providers that do cheaper provisional insurance but they have some very naughty cancellation terms. I’d rather pay a bit more and have reasonable t&cs.


We are with Admiral and first quote for my daughter at 3k pa was £1300. Adding Erica and me as named drivers and upping mileage to 6k pa dropped this by half.

Didn’t have a black box but she was aged 20.


First mistake. Prime lying incompetent idiots.


Always been ok with us. Wife’s car was written off recently and they paid out more than I expected with no fuss at all. The other driver who was at fault was also with Admiral.


We weren’t possh, were we?,

Though ours was in the even worserer slime green. We had an Anglia too, for back and and fro 'twixt Essex and Northumberland.


Why does upping mileage help?




I always thought the lower the mileage the better but it seems with new drivers if this is too low they are seen to be a higher risk, guess it’s due to lack of driving practice.

Putting parents on as named drivers makes a huge difference.


ah thanks , yes i am surprised at this but i would very much like my son to have a carwhen he passes his test but the insurance is a big concern