First car choices - ideas?


What’s the insurance like?


Great present.


£400 on a provisional license.
£844 when she passes test.

£20 a year tax. 60 to the gallon.


Nice! Donna’s after one of these to practice putting petrol in :roll_eyes:


That’s amazingly not a ginormous rip off…

Is that with a black box?


Black box once she’s passed. Think of it as a free tracker. :smiley:




Just paid no.2 daughter’s second year of insurance on her 01 Yaris, about £770, the same as the car cost a year ago.


I remember my first year insurance at 18 on an E reg Fiat Panda 1000CL was £630 quid fully comp with Direct Line…


You obvs have a feckin brilliant memory Rob :wink:


It was only last year.


I’ve got a photo somewhere, if I find it it I’ll post it up, I still look exactly the same, honest.


Present for your daughter?
If so she must be chuffed to bits, :+1:


My daughter has her theory test next week,and probably her test in August,sadly we don’t have the funds to buy her first car,but she has done well with a little job she has and saved £1,500 to get a fiesta or similar.


fab , its interesting to compare the corsa ecoflex to a fiesta in insurance . the former is extremely low , much lower than fiesta


She passed her theory test today :+1:


thats amazingly cheap !!! we would expect 3-4000 per year for a 23 year old


I suspect a good deal of the calculation is based on post code.


A friend of ours has his drive in high risk area and car park 20 foot from front door in low risk area so the drive not used much !!


Well Donna, after being without a car for ages (since the Almera Boradrive died) has just purchased a ‘preloved’ (2nd hand) Red Citroen C1 5 door VTR.
Without any No claims discount (she’s always been a named driver on my insurance…) it costs £16.50 a month for her with me on as a named driver, that’s around £198 quid a year. Not bad!

It’s a cheery fun thing too.