First come first served

One set of custom made tour irons 4 to pitch wedge.

These hand forged updated crystaline structure cryo treated (see pic) are virtually as new, as having been only used once on the driving range.

These clubs will allow the amateur club golfer to avoid hitting any straight shots what-so-fucking-ever and thus avoiding the overrated pleasure of landing in the fairway.

Wind will never be an issue again as mid irons will generate at least 10yds of pure carry before disappearing into the trees left.

If you normally suffer from hitting a ball well these short irons will provide an instant cure. You will be able to thin the ball as never before and have no idea where it went due to the inconsistent nature of the strike.

These really are a must buy for anyone looking to give up the utterly futile game of golf.


Going well then? :+1:

It’s a fickle mistress golf.

Either take them back, or buy a dozen lessons to learn how to swing them properly… lol

Until you get your head around the fact that, “No, you can never repeat that fantastic shot/round” and “Everything about your swing changes on a daily basis”, you will never, EVER enjoy the game. I simply enjoy the randomness of it all.

Grumpy of Oxfordshire (from Handicap of 19 to 36 and back again !)

January is always a great time to buy clubs 2nd hand.

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Ooh not turning semi-pro on the back of your fancy new clubs then.

I think the problem is you just haven’t spent enough money :smile:

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Nah :slight_smile:

I reckon it’s my shoes. Need some Ricky Fowler ones.


You need a bigger bag;

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Colour coordinated orange clobber is his winning secret!

I think you are probably over-thinking your shots. I recommend playing a round after drinking 10 pints of special brew and seeing if you loosen up a bit :golf:

Overthinking is a real problem in golf,and leads to tension and pulling the ball to the left,or topping it.

I’m no expert,but maybe try a dozen Mogodon before you tee off.


Fekk, on top of the Special brew Stu?! :open_mouth:

Why not,at least you won’t give a toss what you score,probably won’t know you’re even playing golf either coming to think of it.

Your advice is good.

Although several pints of this may do the trick…

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Is it a craft beer? :astonished:

Foo golf clubs?
No wonder they are bollocks.
Scored 35 in the monthly Stableford yesterday, think I will stick with what I have got :grinning:


That looks tasty, but you are going to need a higher alcohol content than that.

For many, that would be of benefit. But, personally, I enjoy the misery of a game of Golf.

it is all a load of