First Watt SIT-4

Looks like a new SIT amp from NP using Tokin vfets


Sure it’ll sound nice, but 10W? Meh…

Loads of headroom, double what a decent speaker system needs :grinning:


Clue might be in the name of the manufacturer.

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I have the want or hoping a SIT3 will come up, struggled to find any reviews of one when I last looked, not that they really mean much to me.

I think then I will be truly done

Would be perfect on a compression driver or mid freq channel.
I’ll take two :rofl:

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Just 2?

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I believe a mono set is being released too

Well, not sure it would adequately power the LF 12" drivers in the Synergy SH50s, especially if kitted out with X 2 drivers, or the 15" drivers in the Tapped horn subs either. So 2 is all for me.

Wonder what damping factor they have?
@coco to the rescue

Edit: Ah SIT3 has 30!