Flare Audio

Mrs P bought me some of these as a surprise to see if they’d help with my tinnitus.

To call them a device is stretching it a bit. It’s hollow silicone earplugs.
I’ve never heard of them and I’m a bit sceptical but will give them a go.
Anyone tried them or even heard of them?

I keep getting adverts for them on Facebook.

I’d be interested if they help with tinnitus - my daughter suffers quite badly.


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I just bought some a couple of weeks ago. So far my conclusion, sadly, is that they are bollocks.

They significantly alter my hearing, but just in a similar way to sticking my fingers in my ears, and have no discernible effect on my tinnitus.

I am disappoint.

I will persist and try to establish whether I am fitting them correctly etc. I would love them to be excellent, but no joy so far. Has to be said, I have quite irregular ear canals, and these are a generic fit, so that could be making a difference. Also hair in ears could be compromising the seal.

It is 8:22am, already my day is complete - Thank you.


One aims to please :grin:

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Tinnitus is generated in the nerve endings in the cochlea and inwards. Plugging the outer ear will make no difference other than perhaps limiting further exacerbation of it by external noise.

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that will be the almost 10 dB reduction (almost a halving in apparent volume) above 2 kHz

I doubt they would for most people tbh

If your tinnitus is accompanied with some hearing loss, use of hearing aid is often recommended as a means of helping suppress tinnitus, as the brain gets used to additional stimulus and seems to turn down the internal gain control.

many of the advertised “benefits” can probably be achieved with these:


Reduces stress while…
• Travelling / commuting
• In noisy areas
• Any other use where you want a calmer environment

I think it’s kind of on this level they are meant to work. They aren’t really promoting these things as being designed to reduce tinnitus, but more that it is being reported as an unexpected side-effect.

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Watching Christopher Nolan films

I had them in all day today.
Not vets successful so far.
I suffer mostly when I go to bed and usually play some relaxing track or suchlike on phone to give myself something to concentrate on rather than silence.
As soon as I put these in this morning I had noticeably tinnitus. I think , because I was conscious I could feel them in my ears. That and I think I may have a cold coming which will certainly make my tinnitus worse.
While I’ve most definitely got hearing loss , even had an operation a few years back to help , my tinnitus only started after I had a cold that spread my ears.

I’ll try these again ina few days buti don’t hold out a lot of hope.