Floor Phonostage

My phonestage lives on the floor under the sideboard that supports my record player.

Here it is,


It’s an Edwards audio one that cost me £99 back in 2018. Because it didn’t cost much money it doesn’t sound very good. I am therefore looking for a new phonostage that costs alot more so it will sound better.

The new phonostage must

  • Fit under the sideboard - which means it can’t be more than 65mm high including feet.
  • Excel with MM carts - Options to run an MC not important, but fine if included as I may potato more in the future.
  • Cost no more than one thousand pounds, ideally £500 - £800 new or used.
  • To reiterate, I will not be able to see it - so it must be a notable sonic upgrade.

Any ideas what might fit the bill?


oh yeah, it’ll be turned on and off with a wifi socket so access to an on/off swtich not important.

Ray Samuels F117 Nighthawk

It’s brilliant.


Far too cheap to be any good, so feel free to ignore at will, but, I’ve been really impressed with the iFi Zen phono I bought recently.

I’ve owned a few £500+ new and used phono’s and it isn’t embarrassed in their company.


It’s a very good phono stage indeed. The logical thing therefore is to suggest THIS. Sounds good with MM, has a bajillionty settings to configure just about anything, tiny and because the settings are solid state (on dips), you can turn it on and off on the mains forever. @PapaLazarou uses one with a Decca and it sounds excellent in his system.


Ah, OK, didn’t know that existed. Hmmm :thinking:

I like that it is battery powered, have you used / had one in the past?

Very good phono stage. I owned one once excellent VFM.


Yep, I still have one that I’ve been using for 4-5 years now. I’ve not been listening to much vinyl since I moved so you are welcome to borrow it if you like.


That would be brill, many thanks.
I could very likely drop round next weekend sat or sun morning and return the one after, if that works for you?
Will pm


Vertere Phono 1 Mk11.
With 5% off first order new from Kronos AV at £950. You will notice the difference or send it back!
One of my two phono stages, the other being a full silver SJS jobbie .
SWMBO sometimes prefers the Vertere.

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There is a Clones Audio here for £400.


Many thanks to @hoopsontoast for letting me borrow his absolutely small F117 phono stage.
So small that it fits under the 1200.

How about that…

Will play some records to form a view. First impressions are that it is very very quiet.


Possibly a hifi forum first - in that I asked for advice without looking for validation of a decsion I’d already made and actually purchased one of the suggestions - albeit on the back of a home demo. Thanks again Rob - will pm to arrange a time to return yours this weekend.

Mine is on the left (sans audiophile feet), it arrived today.


Running it in listening to some Snoop Dogg.




WTF ! What just happened ?

Strange fellow

Excellent, supprised you found one so quickly! :joy:

The sorbathane feet were added mainly to just stop it moving around being so light.


When I bought mine I had to import it from the States.
Ray was a really nice guy.

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Banning offence right there.