FOC: 06 reg Vauxhall Corsa

Well it took us 3 seconds to conclude that the car is nothing but a liability, and the in-laws don’t want it, so before I call in the professional knackers does anyone here want it?

I think it’s a 1.2, 17 or 18k on the clock.

Road tax to the end of this month (November) and MOT to May.

A few scrapes here and there but basically fine.

Not currently running, highly likely to be a flat battery, you would probably need a mate, another car and a set of jump leads.

In the unlikely event that more than one person is interested I reserve the right to make value judgements.


ULEZ friendly :+1:

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I am very tempted, actually. :sunglasses:


It’s got a CD player.

Total no-brainer really.


It is; may I come and look at it? :thinking:

In between that and now I have a taker. Kind of on-hold pending someone with a compelling case.

I hope that’s ok.

Everyone is welcome to stop by and maybe decide amongst yourselves.

I’m in London SE21.

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Absolutely; it is you car and it’s better the car goes to someone that needs it! :sunglasses:

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@Gyroscope you have a proven career as a sales executive to add to your CV.

Respect :joy:

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A wise man and his son turned up this afternoon, stuck a new battery in it, and after a brief cough it fired up fine and has now been rehomed.

He also brought a rather nice bottle of bourbon, which was unexpected but most welcome. Thank you.

So if a mod could close the thread please :pray: