FOC 1 * ticket to Billy Nomates 22 Nov

Surprising nobody, the wife has bailed, so I have a spare ticket. She actually has a good reason not to go but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be unfair.


  • Billy Nomates


  • Deepest, darkest Shoreditch. You will be expected to wear a chore jacket and selvedge jeans
  • The ticket is in a PDF file on my phone so you’ll need to at least accompany me through the door, if not for the rest of the evening


Sorry, I should have been explicit. The venue is Village Underground, Shoreditch, London. Probably Liverpool Street or Shoreditch High Street on public transport.

The place is completely cursed for me. I’ve had tickets for Smoke Fairies, Poliça and Jane Weaver but for one reason or another not managed to make a single gig there.

Last chance you Palestines.

It’s going on Twitter tomorrow where it won’t last two minutes.