FOC: Bristol gig tickets, 29th & 30th April

Due to a crappy set of circumstances the wife can no longer make our “check out the Bristol live music scene” weekend.

This leaves me with a spare ticket for each of

On-U (Tackhead, African Head Charge, Adrian Sherwood etc.) at The Marble Factory, Friday 29th Apr, 18.30

Low with Divide and Dissolve (Google before buying vinyl!) at The Trinity Centre, Saturday 30th Apr, 19.00

On-U is a PDF file on my phone at the minute.

Low is a paper ticket.

I’m sure we can work something out for logistics.

For the avoidance of doubt, I’m going to both gigs, so, yeah.

Free of charge, or a bit of money to the charity of your choice (Ukraine-releated maybe?) if you’re feeling flush.


FWIW the On-U Sound gig is now cancelled (leaving me with an uncancellable hotel booking - I thought I’d gone for the cost option of cancelling, but evidently not :man_facepalming: ).

Alabama 3 are playing 29th
Gary numan on the 30th

Or an oasis tribute band at the fleece on the 29th if you’re into self harm

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Yes, I was just checking out a Bristol gig guide site, seeing as the hotel is a sunk cost.

Didn’t the main hero-protagonist of Alabama 3 die? :grimacing:

Not sure as I don’t know the original line up as I think there has been a lot of members.

Would of liked to have seen Numan 43 years ago.


Jake Black

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And the Low ticket is now spoken for (to a Bristolian actively looking for a ticket on Twitter).

If a mod could close this thread that would be nice, thank you.

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