Food sub forum


Thinking it’s worth adding a food board under the General Chat section. Yay or nay?

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Can we have a sticky for posting photos of our inflating guts, please?


Wll this referendum be advisory or THE WILL OF THE PEEPUL?


Given the amount us fat bastards talk about food, maybe general chat should be the sub-heading. :laughing:


may be you should, talking about eating is much less harmful than actually eating.


Does it carry the risk of wiping the whole forum out? If yes, I’m in.


I’m all for a Food (and Drink) sub forum.


No meh option :expressionless:


Can we have a separate forum for puns and banish those who make them such that they can only post there?


Can we have a ‘Schumann’ corner for tips on Yoga, live water and other critical pastimes?


Isn’t that rather close (in tone) to the ICHM foo thread or at least what we’re trying to turn that thread into?


I’m concerned Mr. VDH will not find that thread. A sub forum for the enlightened gentleman would be pregnant with win


Whatcha mean, sub forum? Isn’t eating yourself to death the primary topic anyway?


As always when in doubt, I ask myself ‘what would Stronzetto do?’


Difficult to do on a diet of mung beans and lentils but the chance of gassing yourself might be entertainingly high.


Fuck you with a BBQ’d sausage.