In this hour of great pain and loss at least we can all laugh at Man Utd.:laughing::laughing:

4-zip now. I believe this is the anniversary of the loss that shouldn’t be mentioned against City (you know, the one that involved more than 5 goals).

I don’t expect Bob (ICHM) or Guy wil be rejoining for a while.:smiling_imp:

Curse of the Thursday Night Cup.



Chelsea fans are fucking shite, though. Sorry lads.

I am starting to suspect that other teams have figured out how to deal with this ‘playing out from the back’ malarkey.
Giving the ball away just outside the box seems to be a bad thing.

Fully deserved win for Chelsea. Utd were just awful today.

Thank you Guy. The Chelsea supporters were immense.

Kim Kardashian’s arse is immense.

They were shit. Conte had to rev them up when they were getting outsung by United fans at 4-0.

At that stage of the game we had our Cigars out and sipping Crystal Champers!

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Cooo, in this current climate of uncertainty, where teams at the top are now at the bottom, and vice versa…

One thing I can be certain of, is the Arse will finish fourth…:stuck_out_tongue:

4th place would do us this season. We need to sign about 4 new top players.

No football to be discussed today. Bah. :fearful:

Oh, go on…

Carlos Alberto, scorer of probably the most iconic World Cup goal, is dead.

Very sad news - proper legend.

If you want to have a sneak peak at the fantasy land Spurs fans inhabit, take a look at this thread

2 trophies in the last 50 years and it’s all beneath them. Clowns.

Most years they don’t have the champions league to focus on.

It’s nice to see the majority of posts on that forum said that they were not bothered by losing. I’m really pleased that Liverpool saved them the botherment ( I think I’ve made that word up ) of winning.