Fuck me, that should have been 2

Sterling wants half an hour


Gazza would have scored that on the volley


His entire career in one move. Brilliance tempered with utter rabbit-in-the-headlights frustration.

On the positive side, it’s easily his best game for us. causing them all sorts of problems.


Hoofball’s coming home.


Happy with that 45


He is worth his place in the starting team because his pace stretches the opposition and creates space - you just have to hope the actual chances fall to other players.


Sterling, how the fuck did he score 23 goals for shitty


Would so like stirling to score as he seems a nice kid,but by christ his final ball is shocking


Sweden’s defence shit it every time he gets the ball


Because he had well over 100 clear chances,


Goal scoring aside, Sterling has their defence very worried. I’m a bit bothered that Lingard and Alli are not firing and need to do a lot more.


RLC must be wondering why he is on the bench.


I’m sure he’ll get on. Alli to come off again.


I don’t understand what has happened to Alli,he looks half the player from 2 seasons ago.


who gives a fuck if stirling scores, why does he have to, he’s setting up and outpacing the swedish chefs


Er, because it would now be three fucking nil!


Well done Pickford!


Yep, need to switch back on!


I like Granqvist. He looks like a dad from a dads ‘n’ lads game.