Footballer's Cars

some footballer wheels

Lol, 2 out of 10.

Useless - 1 out of 10!

4 :roll_eyes:

1/ 10

4 for me

5 and I only recognised one name :crazy_face:

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2, both guesses, but then I only recognised 3 of the footballers names.

How did anyone get marks out of ten when there were only nine questions?

Got 5.

1/9 only got Baĺotelli right.


The best footballer’s car was owned Mark Wright. He used to drive around in a Montego estate.

Didn’t Klinsmann run around in a Beetle when he was at Spurs?

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He absolutely did

He was a very good diver apparently.

Sorry, I meant driver*

*no I didn’t


Bruce Grobbelaar used to drive an old Escort 1.3L when he played for Liverpool.

Now he lives in a really not very great bungalow in Ashton-in-Makerfield (one of the many shitty bits of Wigan) and drives a 12 year old Peugeot 407. And he drinks in the local ‘spoons.

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