For all you SUV lovers

No pics, I was driving, but saw two of the more interesting new cars in the wild for the first time today.

Lotus Eletre and Purosangue. The later in black looked rather more like a large estate than an SUV, Ipace rather than Fpace, understated in black. Surprising, thought it’d be more the flash behemoth. The Eletre in pale powder grey looked every bit the standard SUV, but for the badge might have mistaken it for a new Volvo, less interesting in passing than press pictures suggest. 300+m range and 250m charge in 20 mins is starting to get real world if the claims are for real

I realise the necessity to follow the market and the market is demanding these cuntsleds but the ultimate destination is the new Ford capri and that can just fuck off in the direction of the sea and when it gets there it can keep fucking off, only faster.


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