For sale Accuhorn s2

Accuhorn s2. 2 weeks light use. Brill but going to sell up.
1600 new. Will sell for 900 with 6 new 6c33c’s. Pick up West Sussex.

How does that speaker fit in that box? That is one enormous door mat. Are tools for reassembley provided?

If you supply decent pictures you might get some interest.

Why are you selling it on gumtree for £750 and here for £900?


Bit of confusion in original price too.

Can’t see it selling, no description, questionable price and pictures taken with a potato.

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This was on the sidebar of the Accuhorn Gumtree ad. I wonder if this lot started out being worth £50K?

It did and no that’s not all the collection.

Jolly good luck with the sales. :+1:


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Dreaming at those prices.


Come the wreckoning…

We’ll see.

(Add your own sic)

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Maybe they’re inflatable? For a truly airy soundstage. ‘Instruments and voices seem to float in space’.

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Why are you using the same photo in this and the open baffle speaker for sale thread?

It looks like an open baffle, so you need to edit/remove the pic in the op in this thread and post the correct pic :point_up:

I assume it is this OTL from Poland? It could be a sleeping cat from your pictures.

Assume he was banned or had his account deleted.

Either way good riddance, his adverts have the coherency of a Trump tweet and adding £150 to the price here is just taking the piss.