For Sale: Assorted Valves

I’ve been having a bit of tidy and have some valves gathering dust so thought I’d see if they’re of use to anyone

Valves still available:

Brimar 5U4G (approx 200 hours) £15

Reflektor 6H9C/6Sl7 (less than 50 hours) £5

2 x Trigon 6SN7GT’s (approx 200 hours) £5 each

Sylvania 6SL7GT (less than 50 hours used) £10

2 x Sylvania 6SN7GTB’s - both SOLD

2 x Philips JAN6922’s - both SOLD

Mullard EZ81 (less than 50 hours used) £10

I bought all the valves as NOS but I can only give a best guess on the hours used I’m afraid.

If you need any more detailed photos let me know.

It says Sylvania VT-229 on the base. Assuming it hasn’t been re-based I’d guess that’s what’s inside the glass envelope. VT-229 is the military coding (Valve Transmitting) for a 6SL7GT

Looking at your three Trigon boxes I see two are labelled 6SN7GT and one 6SL7GT. The latter box has a 6SN7GT alongside it, suggesting a mix-up at some point. I’d venture that the Sylvania valve belongs in the 6SL7GT box.

I can see the shadow on the table-top of some lettering on this. A closer look at the lettering might reveal something about the manufacturer.


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Any idea what the hours are on the 6922s?

Actually, on all of them. People will ask.

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The Jan 6922’s and Sylvania 6SN7GTB’s now sold stp.

Saved from myself. I’ll spend it on orange watches instead… :wink:


Thanks for the info Graeme will get a better photo of the possible Brimar shortly.

Thanks Paul I’ll update the info regarding usage on each.

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This is the only info on the suspected Brimar Graeme - don’t know if it’s any help tho’

Looks like a reflektor?

6h9c is a russian 6sl7

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Actually that makes sense Chris as it’s a 6SL7 I use in my amp.

I’ve never actually used the valve, I bought it as a spare, so never noticed there wasn’t any branding on it. :roll_eyes:

Yep, second logo in

Date code is Nov '79 I think.


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Every day is a learning day on here - thanks Graeme.

So it’s a Reflector 6H9C / 6SL7 - I’ll update the info :+1:

Usually spelt Reflektor, although since it’s a transcription from the Cyrillic I guess it’s ambiguous.


I like the reflektor valves, the 70’s being the best ones.

As you’ll have gathered I don’t know a lot about valves :grinning:

Trigon these days is a brand name owned by Edicron. They sell the Reflektor valves branded/printed with Trigon on them… Nothing wrong with that, they’re good valves. £10 each used might be a bit much for those particular items. When I have them they’re typically £7.50 rrp

Ok thanks Guy I’ll amend the listening.

The OTK mark on the base of one of them confirms they’re definitely Russian.


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