In excellent working order,it is about 12yrs old i brought it from Gary Dews as ex-dem.Comes from a pet and smoke free home.Has a few age related marks but nothing to bad although there are a few marks on base of amp where i have in the past fitted different feet.The power supply has oak cone feet fitted.Comes with a set of PSVANE 300Ts.would perfer collection from Chichester West sussex but it will be boxed in orginal packaging if you would like to sort out a courier.
Looking for £2600.00.Payment by bank transfer.


Fantastic. Good price.

Nice amp, and great amp

Is it the original ecc82 - e182cc input and driver valve design, or the “low gain” with two 6c45pi valves?

It is the low gain with 6c45pi.

Very nice amp, I prefer the sound of the low gain versions. It will be a lovely buy for somebody.

What’s inside a PSU box?



The Border Patrol ones that I’ve seen replace what’s commonly a capacitor-input high voltage supply in the amp itself with a valve-rectified choke-input one. The amp’s own mains transformer is left just supplying the valve heaters and the auto switch-on circuit for the BP unit.


This is a BP amp with it’s own PSU, they are different from the add-on psu fitted to other amps.

The psu with this amp will contain a big mains tx, gz37 valve rectifier and v big inductor for a choke input ht supply, it will also have an ez81 and small choke for the choke input lt negative bias supply.

I have seen later version with a second ez81 and small choke for a low current choke input ht supply for the input/driver stage.

The BP amps don’t have a mains tax on the audio chassis, it will have 2 output transformers, and 2 interstage driver transformers.


If it helps i can take pic of inside psu.

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Thanks, no needed for me. There’s a plenty on the net.

Would anyone know if Emission Labs 300B XLS would be a drop in replacement? How do you deal with bias here?

Bias is adjusted manually with a multi meter inside the main chassis.
Not sure about the 300b xls,but i do not think so.

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For similar money I’ve just ordered the Psvane WE300b, I wasn’t overly impressed with the EL 300b valves.

I wanted to try the Psvane Acme 300b but haven’t seen much online about reliability yet.

Now listed on e-bay.
Still up for grabs here at above price,unless of course there is a bid on e-bay.


Price drop £2500.00 collected.