For sale - Boxed, immaculate Heco Celan 300 Speaks

Walnut finish. In pretty much Mint condition.

Boxed, with inserts, grills, bi-wire links etc.

I doubt you’d find a better pair.

Well rated by many on here, with loads of good reviews.

For sale @ the ridiculously low price that I bought them from Paul for - £250 + p&p

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Mike, I’ll have these in p/x against the SP10 :smile:

Sold !

Cool, the girl is going to love these :+1:

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You’re right.

you spoil that girl rotten :grin:

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One day she will choose Wayne’s old people’s home. This is his way of trying to ensure she chooses a nice one !


I shall take a long walk out on the ice before being shuffled off to a care home.


I keep threatening/promising to take myself to Cern when the time comes…yes I know that is the collider and not Dignitas. :grin:

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ha … so true !!!