For sale: Primare i32 integrated - SOLD

Has balanced and unbalanced inputs, does 120W into 8 ohms, and the sleek Nordic looks will cause members of the fairer sex to throw themselves at you.

Looks just like this:

only bigger.

The actual unit is boxed up in the garage, and given the extremely low probability of selling a solid state integrated on this board I can’t be arsed to go and unbox it.

In perfect nick, with all the usual boxes, manuals etc. Also comes with the more modern slimline remote (quite heavily used) and the older remote which is completely unused.

You’re welcome to come around to London SE21 to have a look or indeed to pick it up.

Retail is about £2,000

I’m asking for £900 collected. In the new year if I’m still out of gainful employ I could consider hiring a car and delivering within a reasonable radius (no, that doesn’t mean Aberdeen).

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PM sent

This is still for sale by the way.

It would make a nice visual match (at least) with @Myrman 's phono stage.

Go on, treat yourself to some second hand consumer electronics.

Use that Christmas money from your nan to buy my amp.

Now a bona fide butcher’s bargasm at £800.

On the bay now

Sold in a New York minute.

It was a great price. I might have considered it if the streaming module wasn’t so expensive!

I completely agree. I bought it with the intention of buying the streaming module later, but I never got over the price.