For Sale -Primo Oval XL400 Ceramic BBQ Grill

For Sale -Primo Oval XL400 Ceramic BBQ Grill

Fantastic setup just not being used enough
Perfect for those Lopwell weekends

Set of 4 Ceramic BBQ Feet
Half-Moon Cast Iron Reversible Griddle
Half Moon Cast Iron Cooking Grate
9 Slot BBQ Rib Rack
Ceramic Grill Extension Rack
Chicken Stand
Turkey Stand
Grate Cleaning Tool
Pro Q Artisan 16hr cold smoke generator inc selection of premium smoking wood
Fireboard Mk1 digital thermometer including fan controller,3 meat probes and one ambient pit probe -all tested working.
Primo Natural Lump Charcoal Bag 9KG - unopened to get you started

This little lot is almost £3k
Yours for £1500 pickup from Southampton
I’ll post some proper pics over the weekend.

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Oh my, I need a fancy bbq for my project, keen to see the pics of what’s included.

Some pics - giving it a spring clean !

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All nice and clean ready for its next owner :+1:

Got just the spot for it Rob

This is where my project has got to after a day of bench seat building

Thinking bbq on the right

Would it have to be outside the covered area to use or is the smoke output so low it should be fine under there?


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Might be a bit smoky while the grill comes to temp something on a trolley is a good idea .
Got this well I have loads of them that I could cut down to size - got a wooden top and it’s on wheels.

Knocked this up this morning bespoke for the grill - stand on castors if you are interested Darren :blush:

Trying to arrange collection from a friend who has a flat up here but lives in Southampton, he has a Honda hrv so boot is decent but not sure that would fit unless it dismantles

How tall is the xl grill btw? I thinks it’s 30 inches diameter or thereabouts and 250pounds but can’t find height anywhere


Hi Darren
Yes the stand does dismantle it won’t be free tho but happy to negotiate something.
I’ll get some dimensions for you tomorrow :+1:

Height inc chimney around 750mm and width and depth 700mm
Stand is pretty perfect.

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