For sale Robson acoustic masterpiece MC phonostage

Robson acoustic masterpiece MC phonostage.
I brought this from Robson acoustic on July 10th this yr it was a customer return with about 20hrs use and i have added about 2 hrs. Selling because there is not enough gain when used with my passive preamp i only get about about a quarter of my normal listening levels so it really needs a active preamp.Even with the low gain i am getting i can tell it has a wide sound stage and is very detailed. Can not tell you much about it apart from it has Lundahl amorphous cobolt SUT inside and is built using Tubes 4 hifi pcbs, 4 6922/ecc88 and 1 12x4 tubes,Mundorf tube caps in power supply,dip switches for cartridge matching,Duelund silver foil output cable.Size 440cm wide 370cm deep 185cm high. I would suggest you check it out on the Robson acoustic website but be aware it does not have the v-caps or chalcroft z foil resistors (which i was not aware of till i had a look inside).Think everything else is the same. If you would like to know more try e-mailing Robson acoustic, and of course i will try to answer any questions.
This is very heavy 20kg so collection would be good. I can ship it in the box it came in if needed please ask for a price.
Looking for £1650.00 plus shipping within UK.


Price drop £1500 plus UK shipping.