For sale Robson acoustic masterpiece MC phonostage

Robson acoustic masterpiece MC phono stage.
I brought this from Robson acoustic on July 10th last yr it was a customer return (due to ill heath) with about 20hrs use and i have added about 2 hrs. Selling because there is not enough gain when used with my passive preamp i only get about about a quarter of my normal listening levels so it really needs a active pre amp. Even with the low gain i am getting i can tell it has a wide sound stage and is very detailed.
Finish is burr oak with a copper top.
Inside it has
Jupiter caps in signal path
Lundahl LL1941 step up transformers wired for 1/16
Silver internal wiring
B+ regulators
Mundorf tube caps in power supply.
Internal dip switches to set load impedance
Tubes are one 12x4 rectifier and four 6922.
This so i was told is set up for med to high gain moving coils.
The original owner was using top of the range Lyra.
This is quite heavy 20kg so collection would be good but i do have the box it came so i can ship within the UK at cost.
Any questions please ask. Or you could check out Robson Acoustics web site.
Note this is moving coil only.
Looking for £1350.00


Price drop £1500 plus UK shipping.

Price drop to £1350.00