For sale some bits and bobs

I have a tonearm, headshell and cartridge for sale. Putting up here first.

12" Audio Creative Groovemaster II, aluminium armtube and Cardas Cu wiring version excellent condition SOLD

Arche headshell, fully adjustable at the cart for azimuth and SRA. Around £450ish new, want SOLD

Miyajima Shilabe, £2700 new but this one has been rebuilt by Kilian Bakker at Holistic Audio in Holland. He used to work for Ortofon and is an SPU specialist. He aims to do work on cartridges to keep the result as faithful to the original as possible. This cart sounds lovely and has done about 20 hours since rebuild. I am looking for SOLD

BK XLSS400FF sub in oak. Excellent condition £250.

Pair of matched Shuguang Black Treasure 300B valves in presentation case. Between 50 to 100 hours, although I would say nearer 50, £150.

Fane Colossus 18XB 18" bass drivers £150 the pair.

All items in original packaging and boxes. Can send pics if interested.

Really good arm, if my TT could mount a 12" arm I’d happily have this.

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Does it come with all the associated bits and bobs, Keith?

Yes, the full boxed package.

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Tonearm now sold.

Some photos of the headshell package. Even has the outer sleeve for the box. Also an extra headshell washer. You get a rubber one, a copper one and as an added extra a Miyajima pressed steel one which is the best one for getting a good lockdown.

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Is there a 3rd Allen key?

If there is supposed to be there will be. Might have to find it first​:exploding_head::rofl: but it will be there. Seriously it will be in the cartridge box I am sure.

A big thank you to Keith for the Miyajima cartridge. Had a quick listen lunch time and its sounds great.

Much longer session tonight and the weekend.

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Pleased you like it so far. Will be good to hear how you feel it compares to your other carts.

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