For sale Viawave SRT-7

A matched pair of these excellent ribbon tweeters brought these from HFC almost a yr ago the pair are in excellent used condition.Cost me £552.00.Looking for £385.00 collected.I do have the original box so could be posted at extra cost.Payment by paypal f/f or bank transfer.P/m me if intrested.

Nominal impedance 8 Ohms
Recommended frequency range 1 800 – 30 000 Hz
RMS power handling 17 W
Peak power handling 40 W
Program power handling via HF filter
3000 Hz 12 dB/oct (IEC 268-5)
150 W
Sensitivity (2.83V, 1m, 4 – 18 kHz) 95 dB
Rear chamber resonance 800 Hz
Ribbon dimensions 14 x 50 x 0.009 mm
Ribbon area 7 cm2
Ribbon mass 0.018 g
Input high frequency inductance 0.034 mH
Input DC resistance 0.06 Ohms
Input low frequency inductance 7 mH
Magnetic gap flux density 0.65 T
Net weight 1.32 kg
Ribbon Aluminum
Front plate Aluminum
Magnets NdFeB
Magnetic circuit Low carbon steel
Rear chamber Natural wool

Sunday bump.

Still for sale, open to realistic offer.

Drop to £340.00



Still available ?

Yes still here.

Please PM me…


HI PMed you with London delivery possibility.

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