For sale Viawave SRT-7

A matched pair of these excellent ribbon tweeters brought these from HFC almost a yr ago the pair are in excellent used condition.Cost me £552.00.Looking for £385.00 collected.I do have the original box so could be posted at extra cost.Payment by paypal f/f or bank transfer.P/m me if intrested.

Nominal impedance 8 Ohms
Recommended frequency range 1 800 – 30 000 Hz
RMS power handling 17 W
Peak power handling 40 W
Program power handling via HF filter
3000 Hz 12 dB/oct (IEC 268-5)
150 W
Sensitivity (2.83V, 1m, 4 – 18 kHz) 95 dB
Rear chamber resonance 800 Hz
Ribbon dimensions 14 x 50 x 0.009 mm
Ribbon area 7 cm2
Ribbon mass 0.018 g
Input high frequency inductance 0.034 mH
Input DC resistance 0.06 Ohms
Input low frequency inductance 7 mH
Magnetic gap flux density 0.65 T
Net weight 1.32 kg
Ribbon Aluminum
Front plate Aluminum
Magnets NdFeB
Magnetic circuit Low carbon steel
Rear chamber Natural wool

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