Formula 1 Manager - The Reprise

Top 4 are locked in unless one of them rolls the dice. The rest have everything to play for. In other words, they are fucked.

2017 Formula 1 - The next generation
2016 Formula 1 - for the last few races

That might have to be me, but who and when?
I think I’ll go for a Sauber one-two in the last race…


I chose 1:18:666 against the actual 1:18:704/ A few quid at least.


Well I’ve rolled the dice, changed from Rosberg to Ricciardo. Hope it rains tomorrow or fourth here I come.


No changes for me. Quail time is for a dry track. If it rains I’m fornicated.


You’ll be completely ducked by the looks of it…


Fucking auto correct :rage:


Hope this works for you, it’d make for a more interesting race/championship.

I gave the strategy a shot a few weekends ago. but no luck.


Well, that went well…not. :slight_smile:


I’ve just seen that the 2017 league is now open for business.
Time for some study…


Verstappen was a steal last year. He was priced as Torro Rosso driver and got promoted to Red Bull and won his first race.


Maybe someone (Terry) should start a new 2017 thread, hopefully Paul and Sam will still play.