Formula 1 Manager - The Reprise
Top 4 are locked in unless one of them rolls the dice. The rest have everything to play for. In other words, they are fucked.

That might have to be me, but who and when?
I think I’ll go for a Sauber one-two in the last race…

I chose 1:18:666 against the actual 1:18:704/ A few quid at least.

Well I’ve rolled the dice, changed from Rosberg to Ricciardo. Hope it rains tomorrow or fourth here I come.

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No changes for me. Quail time is for a dry track. If it rains I’m fornicated.

You’ll be completely ducked by the looks of it…

Fucking auto correct :rage:

Hope this works for you, it’d make for a more interesting race/championship.

I gave the strategy a shot a few weekends ago. but no luck.

Well, that went well…not. :slight_smile:

I’ve just seen that the 2017 league is now open for business.
Time for some study…

Verstappen was a steal last year. He was priced as Torro Rosso driver and got promoted to Red Bull and won his first race.

Maybe someone (Terry) should start a new 2017 thread, hopefully Paul and Sam will still play.