Formula One 2024 - The end draweth nearer!

Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber



Yup, it’s pretty cringy….

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It’s gonna be called Audi after that - can’t get much cringier than that… :poop:

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All change !!



Just found out my cousin is going back to F1 to help design the gearbox for Audi


Is that in Hinwil, Switzerland or Neuburg an der Donau, Germany?


I thought that it would be. Once a team gives up the capability of designing a gearbox, then it is difficult to get it back. This was a major limitation for Sauber when considering the Honda engine for 2018 as it needed the McLaren gearbox, but as McLaren looked to be leaving Honda, Sauber had to go ack to Ferrari.

In general it makes sense for the engine supplier to supply the gearbox nowadays and that is what most suppliers do.


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That’s a surprise :open_mouth:.

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One of the real characters on the circuit, seems a shame, but HAAS has looked pretty doldrummy for too long, so…


Caveated with “let’s be honest, I don’t know shit”, the entire Lego-model approach never seemed likely to succeed, and that was 100% Gunther’s project. It hasn’t worked, full stop, so I don’t see the fuss with him leaving, regardless of his profane Netflix antics

Whether it would have succeeded if Haas hadn’t been such a tightwad I don’t know, but I really rather doubt it

Quite why Haas wants the team is however beyond me: surely there’s an OEM (Andretti etc) who’d be interested in buying him out for a tidy profit ??

A strange fact that practically no one will be aware of is that in around 2000 I recruited Ayao Komatsu and James Vowles to BAR.

Now both of them are Team Principals (Haas and Williams) as teams are moving on from having some old guy running the team!



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Totally fail to understand why F1 had to go full retard on Andrettis bid.

Never looked likely to fly, but theres some total and utter bollox in there


Seems a bit contradictory in the statement:

  1. F1 are worried that Andretti F1 will not be competitive to start with.
  2. Andretti is not adding enough to F1 but with a GM engine in 2028 it probably would be.

I see the 2 statements as contradictory as starting with a competitive engine is far better than an unknown engine (everything else being equal).

And yes, not a good look for F1.


It appears to be more about profile and “branding” than any performance question marks.

Ham to Ferrari next year then!

So many other careers have died there, his might as well too…