Forum Speed / Experience


As I may well need to make some changes to our hosting package soon I thought I’d garner some feedback on people’s feelings about the speed the forum is currently running at. It seems to be loading pages promptly for me, but esp given how bad the Wam could get at times I wanted to double check:

  • Forum runs like Penance through a nunnery
  • Mostly fine with occassional showers
  • Crashes more times than a ZX81 Spectrum

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Annoyingly, it’s about the fastest, best-realised social media site I’ve ever used.

Compare and contrast with the car-crash that is Faecesbook.


That really is broken these days…


I went for the first option although not sure what it means and very sure I don’t want to.


The nuns do though :joy:


Speed: pretty good
Experience: like being bathed in warm dog urine


Our job is done :+1:


Bet it slows up now once Maureen O’fucks monologue is truly in the system. :slight_smile:


The plan is to shit out endless stream-of-semi-consciousness monologues until the place grinds to a standstill and all you cunts have to pay me to go away . . .


Pay you to go away? Isn’t that Tony Coherent’s business model?


Oh yes, I’ve learned from the beas… er… best…

I will fight anybody in a cage :+1:

(them in the cage, me outside poking them with sharpened sticks)


Can you mark all as read?
I’ve got a lot of clutter building up…


Not to my knowledge…


Jon has his own special way of uncluttering the forum … :slight_smile:


Forum seems a bit fucked at the moment, or is it just me?


Is that content or speed? :grin:


Sometimes I just get a spinny circle and nothing loads


It seems ok here to be fair, nothing untoward.


Speed: fine
Experience: bunch of mostly hostile old cunts banging on and on.

Normal. :+1:


Speed: Very fast.