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Where fat middle aged men go to argue and flex their egos.


Devoid or rhyme but full of reasons.


Of :grimacing:


AA - Your one stop shop,for reviews on cars and toasted sandwich makers.


Where sycophants are not welcome.


A congregation of fail.


^ that’s the one



AA : Where golfers can walk free.




Yer maw.


AA: may be on holiday.


AA : Proud supplier of handbags to Rabski since 2016.


Where the fuck is @Wankah ?

Has he flounced?



Dunno… proabably flying a plane round the Mach Loop or driving one of myriad sports cars very fast somewhere, diving the Challenger Deep, knocking on doors of Joe Public taking it upon himself to make shit happen. Philosophising.

One thing you can be sure he won’t be doing is building a bloody 300b amp. :slight_smile:


So I popped back for a look around, and find an audio forum that more than ever before hates all forms of audio but is soppy-besotted with foo shoes, foo coffee, foo watches, foo beer, foo cars, foo photography, foo food, foo phones and pretty much any other kind of marketing-driven suckerbait.

I love you people, you never learn :heart:

BTW. Rabs has largely given up on hiffy and lurks the 'W*m mainly, if at-all.
Bless 'im, he’s not as near as thick-skinned as he portrays himself and has struggled a little with the growing mound of crap that life delivers to us as we age. :hourglass_flowing_sand:


It appears some people like to use those things to brag or embellish the tedium of their existence, so they’re popular , whereas try bragging about hifi and see what happens to you!


Dealer scumbag translation - ‘A passion for good taste and quality’


Dear Mrs OPinion

Thank you for your recent Ofsted inspection. I am delighted that you found everything to be working as intended.

Yours sincerely
Mr. A. Hole


Forum tagline right there :joy: